Voting Choices

I wrote this small piece below a couple of days before the 2019 General Election in the UK. Feelings were running high between supporters of the main parties and had been for several years since the UK held a referendum when a majority of voters opted to leave the EU. Whereas in the past people would frequently keep their voting choices to themselves, or discuss them with family or in a pub with a friend or two, it is now quite natural to be public about your favoured party.

People have become generally far more open with their feelings in the last twenty years or so, and like to express them, and their choices, openly and on platforms which offer them a wide audience….. social media. Sharing criticisms of others and controversial and provoking views is far easier when you are sitting at home behind a computer, it makes you feel brave. It was seeing these more of these ‘brave’ and outspoken posts which was ripping family and friendships apart, that I felt compelled to write my words below, suggesting that people respect other peoples’ choices. Thanks to the power of social media this post was shared 565 times.