I’m a creative’. I like to be generating something. Whether it’s writing or cooking, painting, or gardening,  I’m interested in just about everyone and everything. Ive had a Portfolio Career;  everything from business management to retail, marketing and consultancy, and, from that, I’ve learned that life should be a continuously evolving adventure. It hasnt all been plain sailing though, there have been down times, of course, and they too have been part of that journey, although never the focus. 

So now, on the other side of 50, Im working one to one with clients, often Creative types looking for a new direction, or owners of small businesses, to clear a block so that they can focus on what they do best.

Officially, Im a qualified  Accredited Practitioner Coach, but maybe, a better term would be a ‘Creative Mentor’. someone with knowledge, experience and life skills, who is keen to enthusiastically pass on their learnings and passion to others, in order to better navigate their own journeys.

As well as my Coaching & Mentoring, I offer a free 15 minute consultation by telephone followed by a series of  sessions bought in bundles of four hours at a time, conducted in person if possible or over Facetime, Zoom or face to face. f you would like to make an appointment for a Discovery Session, or receive details of my pricing structure please get in touch.