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I believe in empowering women in their quest to keep up with technology and offer one-to-one lessons in social media and getting the most out of their internet experience.

I also write start-up websites in WordPress and SquareSpace at competitive rates and hand them over to you ready for use for your business or your blogging journey.

I am a qualified coach and mentor and have a wealth of business, marketing and life experience to draw on.

I’m based in rural Suffolk and help clients online as well as in person. In my spare time I cook, garden, photograph, draw & paint.



I’m a creative’. I like to be generating something. Whether it’s writing or cooking, painting, or gardening,  I’m interested in just about everyone and everything. Ive had a Portfolio Career;  everything from business management to retail, marketing and consultancy, and, from that, I’ve learned that life should be a continuously evolving adventure. It hasnt all been plain sailing though, there have been down times, of course, and they too have been part of that journey, although never the focus. 

So now, on the other side of 50, Im working one-to-one with clients, often Creative types, looking for a new direction, or owners of small businesses; to clear a block so that they can focus on what they do best.

Officially, Im a qualified Coach, but maybe, a better term would be a ‘Creative Mentor’. someone with knowledge, experience and life skills, who is keen to enthusiastically pass on their learnings and passion to others, in order to better navigate their own journeys.

I offer a free 15 minute Discovery Session by telephone, Facetime, Zoom or face to face. If you would like to book in  for a Discovery Session, or receive details of my pricing structure please get in touch.


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Artist Biography

Nicola Warner has lived in rural Suffolk since the 1970s and has also spent much time in Cornwall over the last two decades. Having sketched and painted since childhood, her love of art led her to a three year period of running her own gallery in Framlingham, Suffolk.  Drawing her inspiration from the vastly different shorelines of both Suffolk and Cornwall, she also benefits from the natural forms and botanical shapes she encounters in the rambling country garden outside her studio. 

Frequently using ‘found’ tools rather than conventional brushes, Nicola’s contemporary abstract art is frequently highly textured and many pieces feature her signature gold leaf in amongst the mixed media and collages to which she is drawn. Conversely, some of her smaller ‘lighter’ pieces feature home-made inks and watercolours. Intuitive, and using a varied colour palette, her work appeals to both corporate and private collectors.